Originally I started as one of Ollie’s clients around 2011, from training with Ollie I took an immediate interest in all aspects of personal training. I loved the fact I learnt so much about nutrition, detoxification processes and exercise, I wanted to teach it myself and show clients the great benefits I’d found doing it myself. My passion is driven from helping others and giving them the same experience that I found after working with Ollie.

I can see the process of personal training from both sides, many trainers in the industry can’t have the unique experience of being a client and falling in love with training that they then decide to work towards their personal training qualifications.

Working as a PT at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer, is a lot more than just providing a service, we provide an experience, many of our clients become good friends.

I love working day in day out, in the gym with like minded people all working to achieve their training goals. I thrive on getting to meet new people who enter the gym, which is one of the best parts of the job as I see it as a new opportunity to convert another person to this great healthier lifestyle.

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  • Level 2 GNVQ in instructing Exercise and Fitness

  • Level 3 GNVQ in instructing Exercise and Fitness (Personal Trainer)

Client Feedback

I heard about Mark through a friend of mine at work, I initially started training with him because I wanted to lose weight and get a fitter. However, I have achieved a lot much more than that! Not only have I found a fantastic trainer but I’ve found a group of like minded people I now call my friends.
George Chair
The best part without a doubt about training with mark is the nutrition information Mark has given me, it has been brilliant. I have learnt so much about what I should be eating and what I should steer clear of. I have discovered muscles that I thought had long since fled and I have had a dramatic drop in my blood pressure, meaning Ive reduced my medication. I’d highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals, thanks again. Stacey Till
Mark is an excellent trainer, knowing when and how to push you to get the most from each session, he’s a very personable guy and you can see the passion he has for his job. Each client is treated as an individual, whilst not being your typical ‘gym head’ trainer, Mark offers so much more, this is something really refreshing and it has really been instrumental in helping me stick to the programme and keep coming back.
Simon George