In 2013 I finally thought I can teach what I have learnt over the past 16 years of being in and around gyms and clean eating so I quickly passed my personal trainer qualifications so not only can I now help people I am fully qualified to do so. Since then my personal development and experience as a PT instructor I’ve trained professional bodybuilders, professional boxers and athletes alike, enabling me to provide the expert training and sessions I teach today.

Working with a variety of different clients and a number of different goals, I can adapt to all clients in the gym, ensuring that each session is rewarding and fun. The gym is literally my second home, and I am either in early mornings before client sessions or evenings ensuring I maintain my level of fitness, it’s my passion to help people achieve their goals, and being able to have a big effect on that really drives me. I love to provide the training and knowledge I have gained throughout my qualifications and experience, enabling me to get such life changing results. I take a keen interest in nutrition, both learning from industry experts and doing my own research,

To really achieve something you have to understand what nutrition is best to achieve certain goals along with promoting how important nutrition is with regards to a clients well being.


  • Gym fitness instructor level 2

  • Nutrition and Weight management level 5

  • Advanced fitness instructor level 3

  • CYQ level 3 certificate in Personal Training

Client Feedback

“I have lost around 3 stone of body fat and have started to develop additional muscle…”

I have been training with Andy now for a while, and i can honestly say it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve been training on and off since being in my teens but never really been happy with achieving my full goals. Since being under Andy’s tuition, I have learnt more about my nutrition and training than ever before.

Currently I’m in the gym with Andy 3 sessions a week and have lost around 3 stone of body fat and have started to develop additional muscle. Andy is a great motivator and tailors each session to suit different clients needs.

I have already recommended Andy to friends and family and advised them to spend some time with Andy to finally put a plan together of how to get the results they have always desired. Cheers for everything mate and looking forward to working with you in the future.

James Topping
“Every session Andy makes sure I put 100% in and I’m constantly improving on what I’m doing…”

I have been training with Andy for just over four months, in that time I have lost fat, gained fitness and began to gain quality muscle weight. We train three times a week doing different routines every week whilst regularly checking up on our weight and development pictures to see if we are progressing in the best possible way.

Before I met Andy, I went to the gym with little knowledge and not much motivation, now every session Andy makes sure I put 100% in and I’m constantly improving on what I’m doing. During our sessions nutrition has been key to achieving the results i have done, Andy has taught me alot about how the body works and he constantly explains why we are doing a certain exercise. With the nutrition work and the exercise taught by Andy, I’m constantly seeing progress throughout the weeks I train. I would highly recommend Andy as a personal trainer as he motivates very well and knows exactly what it takes to progress and reach my potential.

Thomas McCabe
“After the 1st month I’d lost all the extra body fat I had on me and cut down to about 8% body fat…”

I’ve been training with Andy for close to 5 months now and seen crazy results. We started off on a fat lost program while we started to find out where our body’s were at physically. After the 1st month id lost all the extra body fat I had on me and cut down to about 8% body fat, while progressing on strength training using the weights.

We then started a carb cycling program which didn’t work for me so I went to a clean bulk to get a bit bigger and stronger and the results from my lifting were massive. I wasn’t gaining that much visible weight but was feeling a lot stronger and feeling better.

I’ve just started a 10 week cut that will allow me to get to a low body fat again before my holiday while still maximising the strength that I have developed.

Andy is very good at changing up the workouts so the body isn’t getting used to the same work outs week in and out. He is able to encourage and aid you to get the max out of your sessions and always makes you feel good after a hard session. His knowledge of nutrition is excellent and you will always get an answer to any problems you have with diet and is good at assessing what is working for you personally and what to stay away from. With all the previous said, it also shows that Andy is adaptable to different people and their phases of training.
Highly recommend!

Ryan Hamlett