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Tackling Current Health and Fitness Issues!

In Nutrition Advice, Nutritional Programmes, Personal Trainer, Training Techniques by Steve

The numbers of gym memberships are going up, the health and fitness community is growing and the online interest surrounding the subject has rarely been so engaged. Yet child obesity is on the rise, eating disorders are becoming more commonplace for every generation and the price of healthy food has scarcely been higher. Something doesn’t quite seem right.

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Get real results with Manchester’s best personal trainers

In Client Results, Personal Trainer, Strength Training by Steve

If you know our team then you’ll know that we live, sleep and dream about hitting the fitness goals of our clients and ourselves. Our passion for helping people of all ages and fitness conditions is making a difference to their lives through bespoke personal training plans and training regimes. After all, everyone is unique and has their own requirements, and that’s what we do …

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How fit are you?

In Health Advice by Steve

Everyone remembers the school days doing a bit of physical education or PE at least once a week, sometimes two times a week if you were lucky, though running round a wet sodden field was never enjoyable but on a sunny day it was probably the highlight of the week! Then you leave school and if you played a sport …