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Do we need TV to tackle childhood obesity?

In Nutrition Advice, Nutritional Programmes by Steve

Anyone with children will probably be well aware of some of the most famous channels for kids on our screens. What’s more, you will have probably have noticed a remarkable change in the sort of programmes that they have been showing over the years. Without a doubt, childrens’ programming now accepts the influential aspect of itself and is aiming to …

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The Superhero workouts!

In Personal Trainer, Strength Training, Training Techniques by Steve

Superhero movies have been popular ever since Superman first appeared on our screens with Christopher Reeve playing the iconic part. Now 30 years later they are a mainstream production with Superman, Batman, The Avengers, Spiderman, Deadpool and the critically acclaimed Wonder Woman. We are constantly fed these movies and don’t forget the rise of Netflix and the Marvel super heroes …