How fit are you?

In Health Advice by Steve

Everyone remembers the school days doing a bit of physical education or PE at least once a week, sometimes two times a week if you were lucky, though running round a wet sodden field was never enjoyable but on a sunny day it was probably the highlight of the week!

Then you leave school and if you played a sport you probably carried on in some form or another but the majority tend to get a job and get carried away with life, you suddenly have money and can go out and enjoy meals and order takeaways as you are busy and it’s a Friday and your mind is saying hey you deserve it, crank it up get the starters and the sides!

Then one day you look in the mirror and bang the same person is not looking back at you, that could be 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, perhaps you have children and poured all your energy into raising them and eating the food they leave on the plate as to not waste it.  We know all the stories, we have heard them all and seen them all over the years!

You have to look at in several ways,  perhaps you are lucky to be tall and can carry a few extra pounds without much notice but if you have to run for a bus or train or catch your toddler who is off running through the park you find it a challenge then now is the time to do something about it!

Perhaps you have been piling the pounds on and everything has been getting a bit tight in the clothes department, you could buy a bigger wardrobe, then perhaps a bigger one next time or say NO!  I am going to make the first step and get generally healthier, I want to be able to bend down and put my shoes on, incidentally its often noted that men over 40 move to slip on shoes as bending down to tie shoe laces becomes difficult, next time you are out have a look around!

Not only losing weight can improve your looks in the mirror, it helps your heart and will be a great change in lifestyle if you follow a good nutrition plan and fitness program.

Most modern phones now come with fitness apps that will sort of measure your walking and so on and even with simple heart monitors and then the more popular fitbits, that can feed you a whole load of information relating to your health.

We always say make a start it’s only one small step then another and weeks later you will look back and see a whole amazing difference that will amaze you and make you very proud of yourself. Then you should be happy with what you see in the mirror and on the scales! If you’re interested in improving your physical appearance and overall health, talk to Personal Trainer Stockport today to find out what we can do for you. Also please check personal trainer prices.